With the non-stop changes on the internet and all the content created for social media today, building a good digital community is not a thing you make overnight. 

You need to consider different context elements and daily activities in the digital world. For this reason, based on our experience and some research, we came up with this post: We bring you the most relevant elements to consider when building a solid community in your social media channels. 

  • Target the right people:
    You must get the right audience for your social media channels. Since the design of your strategy, this should be fixed. However, it doesn’t harm to remember that sending messages to the right people is valuable.
  • Be honest: Honesty and transparency are necessary to connect with your audience. Talking to your audience about the brand with total transparency will make them engage with you quickly and from the heart.
  • Share stories: Just talking about your products or sales will not help connect with people. Making more human and telling the stories behind the brand or your products/service will be a better approach to make the people following you or the new audience you want to reach your page.
  • Have conversations: Get people talking to you and respond to all their comments. Make them feel you are listening to them and having a real conversation. They will engage and make your socials more human, but please, remember to reply.

  • Use keywords: Since last year, Instagram has updated its algorithm. This time, the platform wants to increase the use of keywords in captions instead of famous hashtags. The idea is to develop an Instagram SEO, which also could be combined with Google Search optimization. Using the right keywords, the algorithm will help you reach new audiences according to their needs and preferences by recommending your post. Then you will be able to engage them with interesting topics, captions, and great visuals.
  • Keep it simple: Some platforms like LinkedIn are very effective when your content format is simple but good. You can develop a few outrageous images and visuals to be effective.
  • Solve a problem: If you can address a solution to a problem with your product or service, you are halfway there. Now, it is just a matter of sharing this info correctly and on the ideal platform.

  • Invest to reach new audiences: Even if you find that building a community organically is tough, you can always rely upon the sponsored campaigns within your socials. You can spend some money to reach new audiences out of your radar, but that fits into the right people. You will be able to share your attributes with those you don’t get but can identify with your brand.