Do’s and Dont’s of Web Design

When defining the design of your webpage, it is important to know what is relevant nowadays to create an attractive but more important user-friendly and navigable website. Here are some do’s and don’ts to take into consideration at the moment to design your webpage.

2023 Marketing Trends

Get ready, marketers, because the marketing world is about to get exciting in 2023! To help you get a good start, here are the top 7 predicted marketing trends to watch out for this year.

How to integrate remote trainings into your business

More and more people join the working from home community, now even most of us. Regardless of whether working from home or online, trainings has always been a common practice in companies, new working models had to be integrated everywhere since…
benefits marketing agency

7 benefits you get working with atds as your consultancy and marketing agency

Does your company have a good-looking and user-friendly website and of course a strong brand digital presence? Have you been successful in reaching your potential clients and increasing sales? If you answered “no” to most of these questions,…

How is Google Analytics used for marketing tracking and how can you benefit from that

John Wanamaker, the father of advertising once said “50% of marketing works, if only I knew which 50%” and that might have been the case in those times but with the different tools we have nowadays marketers can track almost everything,…
Welche digitalen Tools

What Digital tools have helped companies keep up with digitization in times of the Corona pandemic?

Responding to spontaneous changes is not always easy. When people had to face the Corona pandemic and the resulting contact restrictions, the demands on modern technology skyrocketed. Companies suddenly had to find ways to hold meetings that…
How to increase the value of data with data science

How to increase the value of data with the help of data science

Data Science is a discipline that has been around for a long time. Many have heard of the term but find it hard to define, since it combines various fields such as statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence and data analysis. The…