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Almost a year ago, most of us were put in lockdown and never knew how life could change. But now, we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even knowing that life wouldn’t get back to the way we were used to. Many businesses failed due to the lack of adaptability or just by sticking to the old playing rules of sales and marketing, but now everything is changing when it comes to business.

Who said that change was for the worse? It isn’t when you consider the unprecedented, we’re living on. Social media, online stores and even ways to communicate are even more important than ever before, so here we will show you how to grow your sales with key strategies to succeed in the new normality.

Sales depend heavily on how you market and communicate with consumers and here are some tips to drive sales while focusing on what’s important, your brand.

Back to the drawing board.

It all begins on the drawing board. Strategy is key to any business as it gives you actions to follow which will get you in the right direction. With a global pandemic at our hands, it’s important to know how your current products are fulfilling customer needs at the present time. You can start with some simple questions such as:

  • What need do my products address?
  • What are my competitors doing?
  • What are my brand values?
  • Who is my buyer persona?
  • What problems can my buyer persona have at the time of acquiring our products?
  • Which of my products could be prioritized?

This is not a hard and prolonged process; It starts by questioning yourself what you are offering to the current market and what should you focus your efforts on.

Go digital.

With a big number of people simply staying home, there’s only so much you can do when you have a physical business and being able to engage with your clients it’s a key factor for success in your sales strategy. Being able to put your products out there, with new types of services such as delivery or even just by engaging more with your audience makes all the extensive work made in your communications translate onto your sales.

Some good ideas to start your online presence can be:

  • Create your social media strategy.
  • Create a website in which you offer the products.
  • Broaden your distribution options if you depend on a physical store.

As we mentioned, going digital not only means having an online store but making space for yourself among different brands online to show your values ​​and solutions.

Think like a trendsetter.

Most of the time pushing on the sales of your brand can hurt the business rather than increase it. Especially when there’s little demand to be found in such uncertain times. Therefore, being unique is sometimes even better than following the crowd.

For this, it’s crucial to go back to the first step. When you know yourself and your products, you can become an advisor rather than a seller, shifting your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

A good example of this can be how many people decided to start with businesses through Instagram or Facebook, teaching people about cooking, fitness, or investing. When you become the reference for how people look for information on a certain industry or products, you run with the benefits of engaging with a dedicated audience.

Being found.

This one is pretty straightforward. If your customers can’t find you, they’ll forget you. If you already had a digital presence before the pandemic, then you already know how much SEO can play a factor in your sales and during a pandemic it had to shift aligning with your company.

Knowing that when your brand or products of your brand can be easily found with a Google search can boost your online sales significantly so the best actions you can take are:

  • Have an updated Google My Business account.
  • Create as much valuable and keyword rich content through your online platforms.
  • Analyze how people are currently finding you and optimize the channels which are more appropriate for you.

Now, this SEO work is crucial and it’s also dense when it comes to being as effective as possible. So the more you can target the customers of your niche, the better and easier the flow will get.

Data, data, data …

Data has always been a key when it comes to decision making and now is the time to start taking a reflective approach to your business. With life changing daily, it’s more important than ever to analyze all the data you have and adapt your business to the channels and type of content that people are driven to the most.

This can only be done with constant A / B testing to your campaigns and knowing when to double down on certain communications. This can be tracked with your inside sales, paid traffic and organic traffic analytics.

This all means that once you have some accurate data you should take time to reflect on what are the biggest challenges to reach your audience and what they focus on at the present time.

Now, we’re not saying that these key points will last forever, but for the time being, focused on taking the time to reflect on each decision and strategy should be the main goal of your business.

Now you want to make these changes, but you don’t know where to start? We have the perfect solutions for you at atds, we will help you with a marketing strategy that best suits your business, not only this but also we will support you on the content creation for the different platforms where your communication is published.


Contact us and go digital!

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  1. Martin Klay says:

    The past year has been a rollercoaster of uncertainty, but amidst it, we’ve witnessed resilience and adaptation like never before. Businesses forced to rethink their strategies are emerging stronger, recognizing the need for agility and innovation. Just as in a practical cookery assignment where improvisation can lead to culinary masterpieces, in the business world, flexibility and creativity are key ingredients for success. Those who cling to outdated methods risk being left behind, while those who embrace change pave the way for a new era of growth and opportunity. It’s a reminder that adaptability is not just a survival skill, but a catalyst for transformation and progress in any endeavor.

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