Data Science is a discipline that has been around for a long time. Many have heard of the term but find it hard to define, since it combines various fields such as statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence and data analysis. The data is first prepared, then cleaned, aggregated and processed. Subsequently, an extended data analysis is performed. The results can then be reviewed and patterns can be identified from which insights can be drawn. Data Science is also closely related to data mining, machine learning and big data.

Data Science is also a branch of engineering and mathematics and is therefore important for TEWS. At TEWS, Data Science is applied to perfect the instruments and their processes.

TEWS instruments can be used to determine the moisture and density content of products in the food/feed, paper, pharmaceutical, chemistry and tobacco industry. The data produced by TEWS instruments must be analyzed and interpreted using statistical methods and can then be displayed graphically.

A single moisture value may not say much at first glance, but it hides a great deal of information: With the help of Data Science, it is possible to make statements about this value and draw conclusions for future action. For example, if a moisture value has changed significantly over the last few months, or if it has fluctuated greatly, it is possible to deduce what problems might exist in the costumer’s production process.

Three steps are essential for Data Science and form the foundation for further action:

  1. Domain Expertise & Business Understanding

First of all, we need to understand the customer’s production process and its challenges. Because often customers approach us with the question of whether we can measure the moisture content or density of their product at a certain production step and in the end it turns out, based on our decades of experience in a wide range of industries, that the measurement at another point makes more sense. So before we can focus on determining how the moisture or density value can be used we have to understand the customer’s process and define the measurement problem, first.

  1. Engineering

During the engineering phase, we focus together with the customer on the correct installation, setup and adjustment of the suitable measuring system. Once the measurement system is calibrated and running properly, it can generate, process and store data.

  1. Data Interpretation

In the third step, the data from the moisture and density measurement instrument is analyzed and interpreted using statistical methods. For example, mean values, noise and fluctuations can be determined. The identification of correlations and trends as well as of recurring patterns are important for drawing further conclusions: How has the moisture value developed over time, , what conclusions can be drawn from this and are there measures that must and can be taken against it?

The domain expertise, i.e., the knowledge that exists about the customer problem, is enhanced with the help of engineering methods. This results in approaches that are then interpreted and evaluated.  TEWS uses data science methods to practice co-improving: TEWS is a solution provider with the goal of finding scientifically sound, precise, reliable and robust solutions to the customer problem.

So Data Science can help us….

  • Understand customer problems
  • Quantify previously qualitative problems
  • Develop appropriate customer-specific solutions
  • Improve customer processes
  • Connect our MW systems

To find our more about data science and how it can used to perfect your processes, please contact Hendrik Richter, TEWS data science expert,


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Why are cloud services important today? Acquiring a cloud for your company will not only allow you to simplify a lot of processes and management but it will also add security to all information and data you are handling.

Nowadays the use of a cloud is almost standard for the business world, and this is because of the many advantages this system can offer, that’s why today it has an important position in the companies especially after the pandemic. Thanks to the applications and services that are available in the cloud, companies have been able to implement remote work systems to adapt to the new normal.

However, to be able to benefit from this data storage system, it’s important to know its relevance and why you should store and protect your data. We will mention here 7 reasons why acquiring a cloud is so important:


Usability and accessibility

Storing your files in the cloud is as easy as just dragging the file into the system, a cloud is a very friendly user system that can be accessed from any part of the world with just a few clicks and of course, an internet connection. There is no need for users to have any technical knowledge to know how to use it.

Recover lost data  

There are many reasons why data, information, or files can be lost. Might be because you accidentally delete it, or you changed devices and it got lost in the way, many reasons…

This is why it is suggested that all companies have a backup of all data in case of any emergency. The storage of this data in the cloud is the perfect solution for this, this will let you recover and access the files any time that is needed.


It is always important to have your data secured, even more so if you are handling confidential information. The best thing about using the cloud for this is because you can choose exactly who will have the access to the stored data, sometimes the cloud servers even provide you security copies that are done automatically to guarantee that your files are safe.


Businesses and organizations can cut operating costs significantly just by the use of cloud storage. When data is stored in the cloud affordability is 100% guaranteed. In addition, users can guarantee additional cost savings given there is no need for an internal power supply or separate resources to store data.

Easy sharing

Data stored in the cloud can be easily and securely shared with customers, colleagues, and partners. In this way, you can simply share access to a specific cloud environment or the entire account with any other user.


Going sustainable is the best trend you can follow now, it will not only add value to your company but you will be also helping the environment, and as we already know paper waste contributes to creating a carbon footprint. How to avoid this? By getting a cloud, you will be cutting down on paper waste and physical products and hardware since everything can be stored in the digital cloud.

Digital transformation 

We won’t ever be tired of repeating that digital transformation is the way to go now for businesses! And the pandemic has probably already shown you how necessary this is, this will add even more value to your company in the highly competitive business market. And what does digital transformation mean? Changing most (if not all) of your traditional media into the usage of digital platforms, here is where the cloud comes to play, this will help runs everything digital more smoothly.


At atds, we are specialists in cloud services in addition to all those other services and tools that allow you to optimize your company’s communication and increase productivity. If you are located in Europe and wondering about the data protection law, no need to worry at all, we will guide you with all the necessary information regarding DVSGO and data throughput.


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Seeing the apartment with completely new furnishing without having actually bought and assembled the furniture? Chasing monsters in mobile phone games? This is all now possible thanks to AR, which is not just about fun and games. These gimmicks for the private sector are already a widespread standard for companies. This trend, which is becoming more and more popular, is called augmented reality.

With the help of AR, it is possible to see the real environment right before your own eyes – but there’s a digital augmentation overlaid on it. Depending on the program, interaction with the digital elements is possible. And you can easily connect with someone who is sitting on the other side of the world. Simply start a virtual video conference e.g. via MS Teams. What you usually see on your monitor is now displayed as a hologram in your field of view. The integrated headphones and microphone allow you to communicate as if you are sitting in front of your computer. One big advantage is that whoever wears the glasses has both hands free to handle things or work on a machine.

Please have a look at a very short introductory video for a first impression:

This allows e.g. to do maintenance or commission instruments without being at the customer site.

The responsible expert can be located in Germany communicating with a customer’s technician in the US. They can, for example, use smart lenses to display exactly what they need to adjust on the device directly in their field of vision.

Augmented reality is already being used successfully in many different industries to make work easier and more efficient. Manufacturing, Engineering & Warehousing, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Gaming and Marketing are just a few examples where augmented reality is being successfully implemented. Even now Microsoft wins contract to make modified HoloLens for U.S. Army (, for more than 120 thousand headsets, which could be worth up to almost 22 billion over the next 10 years. As mentioned in the article this will “enable the soldiers to fight, rehearse and train in just one system”. The possibilities with the HoloLens are endless and now is the perfect time to invest in them!

The HoloLens is a tool that implements AR. The people wearing the glasses can see their surroundings normally. However, holograms, images, and documents can be displayed in the field of vision, making interaction possible. This can create a new reality that makes it possible to train things that would not have been possible without AR.

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In the various briefs of industry 4.0, everyone agrees, data is at the very core of the industry 4.0 revolution. A strong IT system, robust and efficient networks and clouds are also mandatory, let’s not forget Augmented or Virtual Reality, IoT, remote steering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, 3D printings, robots, smart sensors… and you have it all! 

High technology is key, and it all starts with the reliability of data collection.
High tech being the key to open the door to industry 4.0 is not new and usually highly considered by companies when it comes to transforming into going digital.

However, we were wrong before, this doesn’t mean having it all, now the question is what are we missing? What usually companies tend to forget, is something even more important than technology: Humanity.

Human is at the heart of industry 4.0
Human it’s the pilot of the connected factory
Human is driving digital transformation

In Industry 4.0, collaborative intelligence is the main factor for a successful transformation. That means full and active involvement of all human resources in the revolution and not a shift dictated by the decision-makers.

All different human resources have value to bring for a perfect transformation: R&D and Operations, Information Systems, HR managers, Finance, Marketing, operators. All of these teams should be involved in design thinking workshops. Who knows better how to train people than HR? Who knows better how to drive systems than operators? Who knows better costs than purchasing? Who knows better trends than marketing? It is about teamwork, involve everyone, then everyone will be driven and onboard, and the business will run smoothly.

This is the best way to bring value and meaning into industry 4.0.

One final important question every business owner should ask themselves: Do we have the right people on our side to transform our business?

Trusting your internal teams is indeed very important to succeed into industry 4.0, and having reliable industrial partners is the success accelerator alongside with Co-improving, the basic idea of Co-Improving is very simple: Trust. To get better together and help your clients achieve their business goals faster, trust is mandatory, since you will need to exchange knowledge and sometimes even confidential information.

Developing simple work processes and smart solutions in partnership with your clients. To achieve this goal you need to bundle your clients’ experiences together with yours. If well-founded knowledge, practical experience, and strong resources come together, better solutions will be the result.

It is, therefore, crucial to be surrounded by partners you can trust, partners who have a great experience with a wide spectrum of industries, and a wide spectrum of ideas.

The best thing? With (at)d.s you will get a partner that has these qualities altogether, not only we can advise on improvement levers, but we also can supply you with the tools to do so start the transformation. What are you waiting? Get in touch with us!

Almost a year ago, most of us were put in lockdown and never knew how life could change. But now, we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even knowing that life wouldn’t get back to the way we were used to. Many businesses failed due to the lack of adaptability or just by sticking to the old playing rules of sales and marketing, but now everything is changing when it comes to business.

Who said that change was for the worse? It isn’t when you consider the unprecedented, we’re living on. Social media, online stores and even ways to communicate are even more important than ever before, so here we will show you how to grow your sales with key strategies to succeed in the new normality.

Sales depend heavily on how you market and communicate with consumers and here are some tips to drive sales while focusing on what’s important, your brand.

Back to the drawing board.

It all begins on the drawing board. Strategy is key to any business as it gives you actions to follow which will get you in the right direction. With a global pandemic at our hands, it’s important to know how your current products are fulfilling customer needs at the present time. You can start with some simple questions such as:

  • What need do my products address?
  • What are my competitors doing?
  • What are my brand values?
  • Who is my buyer persona?
  • What problems can my buyer persona have at the time of acquiring our products?
  • Which of my products could be prioritized?

This is not a hard and prolonged process; It starts by questioning yourself what you are offering to the current market and what should you focus your efforts on.

Go digital.

With a big number of people simply staying home, there’s only so much you can do when you have a physical business and being able to engage with your clients it’s a key factor for success in your sales strategy. Being able to put your products out there, with new types of services such as delivery or even just by engaging more with your audience makes all the extensive work made in your communications translate onto your sales.

Some good ideas to start your online presence can be:

  • Create your social media strategy.
  • Create a website in which you offer the products.
  • Broaden your distribution options if you depend on a physical store.

As we mentioned, going digital not only means having an online store but making space for yourself among different brands online to show your values ​​and solutions.

Think like a trendsetter.

Most of the time pushing on the sales of your brand can hurt the business rather than increase it. Especially when there’s little demand to be found in such uncertain times. Therefore, being unique is sometimes even better than following the crowd.

For this, it’s crucial to go back to the first step. When you know yourself and your products, you can become an advisor rather than a seller, shifting your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

A good example of this can be how many people decided to start with businesses through Instagram or Facebook, teaching people about cooking, fitness, or investing. When you become the reference for how people look for information on a certain industry or products, you run with the benefits of engaging with a dedicated audience.

Being found.

This one is pretty straightforward. If your customers can’t find you, they’ll forget you. If you already had a digital presence before the pandemic, then you already know how much SEO can play a factor in your sales and during a pandemic it had to shift aligning with your company.

Knowing that when your brand or products of your brand can be easily found with a Google search can boost your online sales significantly so the best actions you can take are:

  • Have an updated Google My Business account.
  • Create as much valuable and keyword rich content through your online platforms.
  • Analyze how people are currently finding you and optimize the channels which are more appropriate for you.

Now, this SEO work is crucial and it’s also dense when it comes to being as effective as possible. So the more you can target the customers of your niche, the better and easier the flow will get.

Data, data, data …

Data has always been a key when it comes to decision making and now is the time to start taking a reflective approach to your business. With life changing daily, it’s more important than ever to analyze all the data you have and adapt your business to the channels and type of content that people are driven to the most.

This can only be done with constant A / B testing to your campaigns and knowing when to double down on certain communications. This can be tracked with your inside sales, paid traffic and organic traffic analytics.

This all means that once you have some accurate data you should take time to reflect on what are the biggest challenges to reach your audience and what they focus on at the present time.

Now, we’re not saying that these key points will last forever, but for the time being, focused on taking the time to reflect on each decision and strategy should be the main goal of your business.

Now you want to make these changes, but you don’t know where to start? We have the perfect solutions for you at atds, we will help you with a marketing strategy that best suits your business, not only this but also we will support you on the content creation for the different platforms where your communication is published.


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